Finding My Way: Figures & Text

“Finding My Way: Figures & Text” is a collection that guided me through a difficult period. But, no experience is without purpose or the opportunity to learn and grow and CREATE. Looking at the series now, I suppose I painted each of the figures as myself, unconsciously. They certainly do not resemble how I look, but each one represents what I was working through and how I was feeling.

This is the first time I’ve incorporated text in my work, but it was important for me to do so. Feeling vulnerable but also wanting to knock down some walls, the text allowed my transparency to come through, even though a lot of the text ended up being covered in the finished painting. In one piece I wrote a letter to myself, in another it was a declaration of anger and resentment. In “Free” you can see pages from the book “Talks About Art” by William Hunt. One of the pages shows the signature and hand written year (1890) from a previous owner of the book. This was the 2nd last piece I did in the series and it felt as though I was finally stepping into new light, and my art is how I got there (which is the norm in my life), and now I felt ‘free’.

“Be Your Own” was the last of the series, and she has the word HERO on her cheek.  I think we all need to be reminded that we have to be our own heroes. We are the only ones standing in our way of doing whatever it is that we dream of, and we are the only ones that can actually get us there… to make the choices, do the work and take the risks.  I work on this daily and am slowly getting better at being  my own hero.